Planning for the Holidays: The Best Corporate Gifts

It seems like once you make it through September, the holidays appear in the blink of an eye! Weekends fill with holiday parties, family gatherings, and shopping trips galore. Everyone knows they should buy holiday gifts for clients and customers, but it can be a struggle to figure out what to give. The key to awesome gift giving is keeping it personal. The point of corporate gift giving is to show appreciation and remind the client of your business. Of course gifts can never guarantee future business, but the right gift can enhance the relationship and open lines of communication.

Choosing the right gift for the customer or client is essential. Remember the saying, “It’s the thought that counts?” Exactly! But if there is no thought it doesn’t count. Shipping a pen and mug stamped with the company logo may work for some industries, but not all. If the relationship is personal, go the extra mile to find the perfect gift to show your customer how much you care. It doesn’t take much to find the right one, just a little bit of time. We’ve put together a list of our favorite types of gifts to make this decision easier.

First (and admittedly our favorite), everyone loves a food gift! From gourmet popcorn to seasonal fruit, food gifts are a hit. For special cases(food allergies, health nuts), there are many options because not all food gifts have to be sweets. Gourmet nuts like almonds and pecans are a delicious client gift. Fruit baskets are gluten free and granola makes a great healthy work snack. Plain popcorn or peanuts are low calorie snacks. Fruit is a great gift because it is beautiful to look at and has many health benefits. Food remains a timeless gift– both practical and classic. Fruit baskets can also be catered to any budget. The main downfall to edible gifts? They don’t last long!

Gifts with company logos are a simple way and cost effective way to show appreciation. Many clients enjoy calendars, pens and coffee mugs because they are practical. They are also easily ramped up and personalized! Stick a Starbucks gift card the mug, or add a little note with the pen and calendar. When you put an item in your customer’s hand that they use daily, your company is never far away.

For the right client, wine or liquor can be an enticing gift. Also considered timeless, the gift of liquor is widely well received. Make sure you know the client well enough that this is a gift they will appreciate, because (for obvious reasons) some people may have no use for it. If you know a particular client loves vodka and tonic, sending a nice bottle would be much appreciated! You can even add a personal touch by sending a wine made by a local winery, or including glasses that have your company name on them–Ooh la la!

Lastly, office items are both fancy and personal. A paperweight or desk caddy is both useful and easily personalized for the client. Pens, magnets, office art, name plates and date planners are all items that a businessman can put to use. For frequent travelers, think of items that may be helpful while on the road. A portable alarm clock, engraved luggage tags, or a backup battery charger for a cell phone or laptop can easily display your logo and appeal to the traveler. Practicality and convenience are great things to consider when gift giving.

For any gift, remember the recipient first. Don’t be afraid to give something “outside the box” because that may make you stand out from the competition! Memorable gifts can be the best ones. Don’t forget the easiest way to spruce up a typical gift is with a handwritten note. Take your time and enjoy! If you’re looking to give the best corporate gifts around, contact Gourmet Orchards, we’d be happy to help you put together a thoughtful gift for friends, family and clients.