Plums are a Superfood!

Plums are a Superfood

Dried or fresh, the health benefits of plums are bountiful. Plums contain some of the best nutritional perks that our bodies crave, including potassium, fiber and antioxidants. Plums can be found from May to October, and come in a variety of colors. They have a thin purple to red skin, and a sweet (sometimes sour) taste. They are firm and juicy and go great in a fruit salad or smoothie! Here’s a few reasons why you should stock up on plums this season:

Memory Boost

Research shows that 3-4 prunes (dried plums) can can neutralize cell-damaging free radicals that result in memory loss. Prunes can be stored in the fridge for a quick snack in the morning that gives lasting effects throughout the whole day! Take advantage of this memory booster by eating your prunes daily.

High Vitamin C Content

Because of the high Vitamin C content in plums, they allow the body to more easily absorb iron. The body uses Vitamin C to generate new, healthy tissue. It also aids in a healthy immune system warding off intruding viruses and bacteria. The health benefits of Vitamin C are never ending! From lowering bad cholesterol to neutralizing free radicals that contribute to a host of health problems, research shows Vitamin C can stop or slow the progression of colon cancer, arthritis and asthma, among other conditions.

Keep Bowels Regular

Plums are most well known in their dry form as a home remedy for constipation, but they can also be used to start and keep your bowels regular. Soak dry plums in freshly boiled water and store in the fridge for a quick and healthy morning snack that will activate your system!

Bone Health Benefits

University studies show 10 prunes a day can significantly boost bone mineral density in the spine and forearms in post menopausal women. Combined with calcium and Vitamin D, prunes are an easy way to protect and increase bone strength!

Reduce Blood Sugar

Because they rank low on the glycemic index, eating plums can help control blood sugar and reduce your risk of of Type II Diabetes. Plums are awesome because they are sweet but won’t raise your blood sugar! Plums satisfy the sweet tooth and have a plethora of additional benefits.

If you’re not still convinced, try them for yourself! Add to a fruit salad or eat a la carte, but add plums to your diet today and start reaping the benefits of this superfood!