About Us

Gourmet Orchards grew out of the idea that fresh delicious high-quality fruit should not be hard to come by, but after looking everywhere from local grocers to high-end retailers we came up empty handed.

After getting over the initial shock of not being able to easily find a decent flavorful piece of fruit, we resolved to ask around, investigate and travel from coast-to-coast to find the best kept secrets the United States had to offer, and so we did. We searched for family owned orchards with years of experience, and growers who would accept nothing less than the best. After tasting the fruits of their labors, literally, we decided that the experience was nothing less than gourmet, and Gourmet Orchards was born.

We maintain a close relationship with all of our growers to ensure that the strictest of guidelines are adhered to in every aspect of the growing process. From the time they prune the trees till the moment that each piece of fruit is hand selected, our Gourmet Orchards’ Certified Growers take the utmost care in providing the highest quality produce available.

We don’t have a strong farming heritage, or years of experience growing delicious fruit, but we do have a healthy respect for those that do and believe that everyone should benefit from their know-how. We are committed to offering the finest products available and then allowing the quality of those products speak for itself.