How to Peel an Orange

Peel an Orange

Oranges are great because they have a great shelf life and make the most refreshing breakfast drink around. Gourmet Orchards is the premier company for giving the gift of fruit! No one beats our quality or product. Nothing compares to freshly squeezed orange juice, but if you don’t know how to properly peel an orange you can end up with more juice on the counter than in your cup! Take a few minutes to check out our three favorite ways of peeling oranges.

How to Peel An Orange with a Knife

This method is great for oranges that are firm or have tight skin. There are two ways to peel an orange with a knife: vertical slices or spiraling. To remove the peel with vertical slices, begin with a paring knife and make a small cut into the top of the orange. Insert the knife in the top of the orange and carefully make a vertical slice through the skin to the bottom of the orange. Take care not to go too deep because orange juice with go everywhere!

To remove with the spiraling method, insert the pointed tip into the top of of the opening, and rotate the orange in your hand as you cut. Carefully control the knife as it turns in a spiral motion and peels the orange. The peel should come off in one continuous piece, about one inch wide. Don’t worry if you get a little fruit with your peel– practice makes perfect!

How to Peel An Orange with A Spoon

The team at Gourmet Orchards likes this little-known method because it’s safe and easy! Start by rolling the orange on a hard surface with your palm for a few seconds to encourage the skin to loosen up. Use a knife to make an incision all the way through the skin on the fruit, (kind of like one of Saturn’s rings). Take care not to puncture the fruit, but get all the way through the skin. Next, take a spoon and insert it through the opening you made with the knife. Work the spoon in-between the skin and the fruit, loosening the skin until you are able to pull it off with your hands.

How to Peel an Orange with your Hands

If you don’t have a knife or spoon, the easiest way to peel an orange is with your hands. Choose an orange with thin skin or that is very ripe, as the skin will remove the easiest with these oranges. Roll the orange on a hard surface for a few seconds with your palm to help loosen the skin. Next, use your thumbnail to puncture the top of the orange and start the peeling process. Work your thumb between the peel and the fruit to begin peeling. Gently pull off the first piece of skin, then continue likewise to remove the rest. Make sure to go slow so you don’t puncture the fruit. After all the skin is removed, enjoy your delicious orange!

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