Best Oranges for Juicing

Best Oranges for Juicing

Fresh squeezed orange juice is one of the great thirst quenchers of our time, but it can wreck havoc on your wallet. Fresh squeezed juice comes at a high price at a restaurant or store, but the same juice can easily be made at home with the right oranges. As juicing has become more popular, affordable juicers have made their way into the market allowing newbies to experience the benefits of juicing. Making your own orange juice is inexpensive and easy, and provides a platform to create the perfect blend for your tastebuds!

What makes an orange great for juicing? It depends on the type of juice you like. Some oranges provide a tangy sour flavor, while others are more sweet. Some juice connoisseurs like to mix oranges for a unique flavor and others prefer a straight blend of their favorite juicing orange. Here are some of our favorite oranges for juicing!

Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are a sweet variety of orange that has less bite, but equally refreshing juice. If you prefer a sweeter orange juice, then navel oranges are perfect. They are great in combination to tone down some of the tartier varieties, and are found almost year round across the country. They are inexpensive and readily available, so if you find a good deal buy a bunch, juice and freeze!

Valencia Oranges

Known as the queen orange of Florida, Valencia oranges are one of the most popular and well known juicing oranges. This particular orange has avid juicers rushing to buy them when they are in season because of their perfectly combination of tarty and sweet juice. If you are close to Florida these can be found moderately priced, but others should expect to pay higher prices for these gems due to their short growing season and high shipping costs.

Blood Oranges

If you like juice with a bite, consider adding some blood oranges to your juicing experience. These look like a typical small orange from the outside, but opening them reveals a gorgeous deep red flesh. Not only will this add a fabulous color and flavor to your juice, but they have a higher antioxidant content than traditional oranges. Use in moderation unless you like super tarty fresh squeezed orange juice!

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