Gift Giving for the Person That Has Everything

It’s inevitable: the holidays approach and with them, the obligated feeling to gift someone that you don’t know enough about to give a quality gift. There are some generic options that go over well, like the restaurant gift card, cash, or a fruit cake, but its simple to do even better. Here are some things try to find an awesome gift they will rave about.

1). Question friends, family, or co-workers. Just generally asking questions is a great way to find out a little more about someone you don’t know anything about. It’s a good idea to get some information about the person you are shopping for in case they generally DISLIKE something (i.e. sweets). Generally co-workers or family members can give some sort of ideas about the person, such as if they are into sports and recreation, love coffee or cigars, or any stores they really like. A creative gift for the outdoorsy type is a round at the shooting range. If the gift card route is the only option, at the very least get one from a specific place they will enjoy.

2). Check Facebook. There is a lot to be learned from this social networking site about a person: music they like, sports teams they may follow, and even recreational activities they participate in. If the said person loves the Black Hawks, it’s impossible to go wrong with team memorabilia! Sometimes you may find eating habits on Facebook too. A box of chocolates or gourmet popcorn basket would be a great gift for the frequent snacker, while a fruit basket or gourmet nut basket would be awesome for the health nut! There are also many health benefits of lemons.

3). Ask Them. If all else fails, ask the person if there is anything particular they could use or want as a gift. There is the possibility they could say “nothing”, which would leave a little more prying to do. Family members are apt to give you some ideas for help, especially if they don’t want to end up with movie gift card or slippers again. It’s almost guaranteed they will give some sort of idea for putting together an awesome gift. It’s a great idea to ask parents of small children what they would like or need. They are always full of ideas for their kids because they know them best.

Lastly, just be creative and have a good time. It’s half the fun of the holidays! Gift how you would want to be gifted! Trust the gourmet fruit company for your fruit needs.