13 Health Benefits of Lemons

Ancient Egyptians consumed lemons for centuries as a staple in their diet to protect against poisons. Scientific research has recently confirmed that lemons have anti-viral, immune boosting, and antibacterial properties. It is common knowledge that lemons have been successful in weight loss programs because they are a liver cleanser and metabolism booster. Many people also recognize the benefits for the immune system that come from bioflavonoids, calcium, citric acid, limonine, and pectin found in lemons. There are many more benefits to lemons that are just being publicized. Let’s take a look!

Knock out Acne: The citric acid in lemons has been found effective in treating acne. The pure alkaline nature of the lemon can kill acne causing bacteria, and Vitamin C found in citrus fruits contributes to glowing skin. To get the most out of your acne treatment, add a half a lemon to a glass of water in the morning, or dab lemon juice directly on effected areas at night and rinse in the morning.

Kick Anxiety: Research recently has shown that lemon balm is a great way to up your energy level and reduce anxiety, fatigue, nervousness and tension. If you experience any of these, dab some lemon juice on a washcloth and inhale.

Get Rid of Canker Sores: The antibacterial properties of lemon are effective in treating canker sores. To help get rid of a sore, mix the juice from a whole lemon with lukewarm water and rinse three times a day. While it’s uncomfortable at first, the burning sensation will subside with each use.

Fix the Fever: Although fevers can have a host of contributing factors, there is a great lemon tea that can help relieve them. Add the juice of one lemon, to one cup of warm water, with a dab of honey. Drink every two hours until the fever is relieved.

Works Wonders with a Cold: The lemon is beneficial by sending much needed Vitamin C to your cells, and working it’s antiviral magic on the virus attacking mucous membranes in the nose and throat. Drink lemon juice at the first sign of a cold or cough.

Great Remedy for Corns and Calluses: Place a 5mm thick slice of lemon on a callus, wrap with a bandaid or tape and let sit overnight to soften the callus. There is also the option of using undiluted essential lemon oil on the corn or callus, but take care not to apply to non-affected skin as it is too strong and can damage it.

Eliminate Eczema: A lemon wrap can be a great home remedy for this curious ailment. Add 8 drops of essential lemon oil to one cup of water with one teaspoon of honey. Soak a linen in the mixture, wring out, and apply to affected area overnight. This treatment is guaranteed to stop the itch!

Fight Sleep: Ancient Egyptians traveled with lemons to help overcome their fatigue during their travels. A drop of lemon juice is said to quench thirst better than a drop of water, so it can be very useful in your travels. Drinking a glass of water mixed with the juice of a whole lemon can be mind stimulating and reduce fatigue.

Beat Bad Breath: If you have bad breath from alcohol, cigarettes, bacteria, or garlic, try eating a lemon slice after every meal, or three times a day. It’ll freshen right up!

Bug Repellent: Mix a cup of water and the juice of a lemon into a spray bottle and spray into the air. It smells fantastic and will keep the bugs away!

Bug Bite Remedy: Remove the stinger from your skin, and massage 1 teaspoon of lemon oil with 1 teaspoon of honey into the bite. It’ll calm the skin and reduce the redness.

Arthritis Pain: An awesome remedy for relieving pain is the juice of a lemon. Mix the juice from 1 (or 2 for severe pain) lemon with one cup of water, and drink three times a day.

Stimulate Food Digestion: After a meal, drink one glass of water mixed with one whole lemon’s juice for a sure fire way to start the digestion process.

If nothing else, consume lemons because they are delicious! They make great gifts for the person who has everything and have endless benefits. Whether it’s a tea, wrap, the fruit, or a mixture of the above, devour some lemons and experience the power of the citrus.